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OneFLO Boards: The power of Sharing & Organizing together.

Sharing without organizing eventually gets messy, but organizing seems like a hard task, so we push it out to some other day and just email or IM the information. It is time we stop sharing documents, web-clips, pictures, and videos over email and IM and find a better way to be on the same page.

OneFLO Shared Boards is a secure way to instantly share and stay organized together. OneFLO Shared Boards are ridiculously easy to use and visually rich (like Pinterest.) You can quickly create a board - add any data type - documents, web-clips, pictures and videos from anywhere - your Cloud Drives, Desktop, Mobile and Web Browser, instantly share your board and collaborate on it through comments and OnFLO Live Walkthru.

OneFLO Live Walkthru is a great way to enrich your discussion. Browse documents, pictures, web-clips together in real time, as if you were sitting across the table - even if you are miles apart. Collaborating was never so easy and fun!

Here are some ways how"¦
- Shared boards for projects at work - hiring, tracking competition, articles to read
- Shared boards with customer, partners and consultants
- Shared boards with colleagues and friends for research
- Lightweight CRM tool to engage with prospects and clients - design choices, property listings, product portfolios, cost estimates etc.

Give OneFLO Shared Boards a try and discover the power of sharing and organizing together.

Here are some interesting ways our customers are using OneFLO boards, share your experiences.

+ Shared albums with all those photos that you and your family/friends took on a vacation or some shared event like a birthday, halloween party, wedding, or even a dinner at a restaurant or a bar trip. Our search technology even helps you magically complete these albums with others who were there at the event with you, participating in the shared fun and clicking pictures. Just enable Google+ Instant Uploads or Dropbox Camera Uploads on your phone to keep your photos synced to one of these cloud services, and link your Picasa or Dropbox account to OneFLO. OneFLO automatically finds all the different albums in your entire collection, and gives you suggestions to create joint albums with other friends who have photos from the same event; so that you can see the complete picture. And once you have these completed joint albums, you can view them together in a live session.

+ Shared board for each project at work, or each customer/partner; to keep entire team in sync with the relevant docs, notes, and research; and collaborate in real-time when-ever necessary.

+ Planning for Kitchen Remodeling project: designs, quotes, pictures, ideas, notes, emails, all in one place; from where you and your spouse can co-ordinate and discuss.

+ Travel planning for business or pleasure: short-listed choices of flights, hotels, restaurants, etc to select from .

+ Hiring for a specific job-position: resumes, links to profiles, email-communications, notes, references, etc.

+ Coordinate for gift-selection: pins, product links to online stores, reviews.

+ Shared board for a classroom project or study-group: keep all the research, links, and documents that you wrote or collected.

+ CRM tool for presenting different options to a client: design-choices, property-listings, product portfolio, etc. Share and then present these in a live session while talking on phone or Skype.

+ Shared folders with friends who use different cloud drives, e.g. some people using Dropbox, while others using GDrive, or Box.

Sharing (privately and securely), Organizing, Collaborating together has never been so easy and hassle-free!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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